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Big news: RojoServe Has Joined Modo! 
We are thrilled to become part of the amazing team at Modo, to deliver fast, elegant productized integrations that power personalized, unified campus and workplace experiences. Read all about it here! https://www.modolabs.com/rojoserve/
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XCampus Student

Our Solutions


Student Explore

The best way to distribute information to the modern student is through their mobile device.  With the Student Explore solution students can access all of their important student data anywhere, anytime. Having the information you need when you need it is one of the keys to student success. 


Student Enroll

Enrollment actions are time sensitive. If students don’t have the ability to take action in a timely manner, they may miss out on the classes they need.  With the Student Enroll solution, students will have the best opportunity to get the classes they need right from their mobile device.


Student Assist

Making important decisions and requests has never been this easy. With the Student Assist solution, students will be able to take action when action is needed.  From accepting financial aid to making a transcript request, the Student Assist module helps students help themselves.


Faculty Explore

At RojoServe we believe that Faculty (instructors) are people too!  With the XCampus Faculty Explore module, instructors will be able to see all of their important information from their mobile device.  From examining class schedules, to viewing class and grade rosters, instructors can be better prepared for their day with less preparation.

Our Services

On-Demand PeopleSoft Consulting

Modern day computer systems have the ability to scale up or down based on demand.  We believe that your workforce should be able to do the same. RojoServe’s On-Demand PeopleSoft Consulting service provides the support you need when you need it.  This membership based service provides access to some of the best PeopleSoft consultants at a reduced member-only rate.  This membership based service uses service accounts instead of individual user account, to ensure that work can begin immediately when the need arises. 

Need a consultant, but aren’t sure if you want to be a member yet?  Our consultants are also available for work at non-membership rates.