Student Explore

Why Student Explore?

The best way to distribute information to the modern student is through their mobile device.  With the Student Explore solution, students can access all of their important student data anywhere, anytime. Having the information you need when you need it is one of the keys to student success.

XCampus Student Explore

How it works?

The XCampus Student Explore solution is built on the Modo Labs, Modo app platform.  RojoServe integrates with your PeopleSoft student management system, to bring your student’s data to life in Modo’s native mobile application.  The Student Explore solutions enables your students to access their important data without boundaries.

Student Explore Home

XCampus Student Home

The Student Explore Home is the key access point for students to view all of their important student data.  High level summary data visible on the Student Home page informs student when further action or inquiry is needed. There are three main sections that comprise the Student Home page:

    • My Classes
    • Student Records
    • My Finances

The My Classes section provides a way for students to see their class summary by term and career, and it also allows them to view their weekly schedule for the terms they are enrolled in. 

The Student Records section contains access points for students to see information regarding Holds, To Do Items, Grades and Profile Information. Student Hold and To Do Item counts are visible from the Student Home page, and these counts prompts the students to drill deeper.

The My Finances section provides students access to their important financial information.  From the Student Home students can immediately see what their outstanding balance is, and by tapping on the Total Due link they can see what makes up that balance. Students that have financial aid can click on the Financial aid link to see all of their award information for both current and historical aid years.

My Classes

My Classes

From the My Classes section, students can view important information about their classes for any term and career they have current or future enrollment in.

Selecting an available career and term displays class details regarding the classes a student is enrolled or waitlisted in.

Selecting the Weekly Schedule link allows students to view their schedule for any week within the selected term.  With the Student Assist solution, students will be able to download their class schedule to their mobile device.

Student Records

Holds & To Dos

The Student Records section provides access to some key pieces of information.  The Holds and To Do Items are calls to action, which provide important information about what outstanding items a student needs to take care of. Both of these items show a count next to them, which makes the student aware of items that require their attention.

The Holds screen shows the student all of the holds that are currently on their record, and what services are being impacted by those holds.

The To Do Items screen displays all of the actionable items that a student needs to complete, including the date they need to be completed by, the status, and any instructions the student may need to complete the task.

Grades & Profile

In addition to Holds and To Do Items, the Student Records section contains student Grades and Profile Information as well.  

The Grades screen contains information about a student’s current or historical grades.  Both mid-term and final grades are available from this screen.

The Profile Information screen contains the student’s Personal, Contact, and Emergency Contact information.  With the Student Assist solution, students will have the ability to edit some of their personal information.

My Finances

My Finances

The My Finances section provides visibility into a student’s financial information.

The Total Due indicator immediately shows the student what the outstanding balance on their account is.  The Account Balance screen displays the account summary, charges due, and any recent payments.

The Financial Aid screen provides the student with their financial award summary for a given aid year, the status of their awards, and details around each individual award. From this screen,  students can use the aid year drop down menu to switch between aid years.

Course Catalog

Course Catalog

The Course Catalog feature, that comes with the Student Explore solution, allows students to search for classes for current and upcoming terms they are active in.  The simple interface allows student to easily navigate and quickly search for the classes they want to take.  The built in search functionality allows students to quickly narrow the scope of their search, to make identifying their classes even easier.

Selecting a subject from the main Catalog screen, takes the student to the courses that are associated with that subject for the selected term.  From this page students can filter the results even further by using the search functionality to search by catalog number, course title, and class number.

Catalog Details

Selecting the arrow to the right of the course description, displays all of the class sections available for the selected course and term.  For each class section, students can see Class Details that will help them in their decision making process. If a student decides they would like to enroll in the class, they can drill one level deeper to see important information about the class availability, as well as any special requirements or consent that may be required to take the class.

When the Student Enroll solution is active, students can select the “Add this Class” button, to add the class to their cart.

Let the journey begin with Student Explore!