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PeopleSoft Consulting Services

At RojoServe, our consulting practice is comprised of a blend of employees and independent consultants whom we have had relationships with for many years.  Why use independent consultants?  Some of the best consultants on the market are independent consultants.  These folks typically began their careers as employees of well-known consulting companies, like PeopleSoft or Accenture, but prefer being their own boss.  Being former consultants ourselves, we understand and respect their position and value the experience they bring to the table.  Our consultants are well known throughout the higher education community as industry experts, and most of them have over 15 years of PeopleSoft Higher Ed experience.

Whether you need a functional resource, technical resource, database admin, or PeopleSoft administrator, our consulting services team can help you achieve your goals.

On-Demand PeopleSoft Consulting

Modern day computer systems have the ability to scale up or down based on demand.  We believe that your workforce should be able to do the same. RojoServe’s On-Demand PeopleSoft Consulting service provides the support you need when you need it.  This membership based service provides access to some of the best PeopleSoft consultants at a reduced member-only rate.  This membership based service uses service accounts instead of individual user account, to ensure that work can begin immediately when the need arises. 

Need a consultant, but aren’t sure if you want to be a member yet?  Our consultants are also available for work at non-membership rates.