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What about Faculty?

In recent years universities have spent time and resources mobilizing the student experience, while the faculty (instructor) experience has been an afterthought.  At RojoServe we believe that instructors are people too!  With the XCampus Faculty Explore module, instructors can access their important information from their mobile device.  From examining class schedules, to viewing class and grade rosters, instructors can be better prepared for their day with less preparation.

XCampus Faculty Explore

Faculty Explore Home

XCampus Faculty Home

The Faculty Explore Home provides instructors with a way to access their important class, student and personal data information.  The Today’s Schedule section provides instructors with a snapshot of their class schedule for that day.  When enabled, a location pin will appear next to the location in the Today’s Schedule section.  Tapping the location pin presents the instructor with the location of the building on a map.  The My Classes section contains summary information for each of the terms that the instructor has assigned class(es) in.  Selecting a class within the My Classes section allows the instructor to see class details, and access course rosters and grade rosters.  The Faculty Information section, located at the bottom of the Faculty Home page, allows instructors to view their outstanding To Do Items, and their personal Profile Information.

Weekly Schedule

Faculty Weekly Schedule

Selecting the Weekly Schedule link allows instructors to view their schedule for any week within a selected term.  If you are looking at the current term’s schedule, today’s date is highlighted for ease of identifying.  The instructor Weekly Schedule page also respects the holiday schedule that is configured for the term, so that all holidays are reflected in the instructor schedule.

My Classes

Faculty My Classes

The My Classes page contains a list of all the classes for an instructor for a given term.  The class list provides a description of the class, location, meeting time, and the start and end dates.  Selecting a class from the list takes the instructor to a detailed look at that class where they can see all of the important class information.  This information includes the enrollment count, enrollment capacity and waitlist count.  At the top of the My Classes page, there are links that provide access to both the Class Roster and Grade Roster.

Class Roster

The Class Roster page provides important and up to date information about students who are enrolled in your class.  At the top of the page there is a quick summary of the total class capacity and total current enrollment. When you are still trying to put a name to a face, the Show Student Photos button can be used to quickly display student photos.  The Student Details tab contains some basic information about who the student is, while the Enrollment Details tab shows the grading basis and units for each student.

Class Roster

Grade Roster

Grade Roster

The Grade Roster page enables instructors to quickly view the status of student grades.  By having immediate access to view this information from their mobile device,  instructors can quickly determine if a grade roster is ready for review or approval.  The Student Grades tab shows the grading basis of the class, the roster grade, and the final grade.  The Student Details tab displays the student primary program and plan, as well as their grade-level.

Faculty Information

Faculty Information

The Faculty Information section displays a count of any To Do Items that require attention, and it provides instructors access to view their important profile information.  The To Do Items and Profile information links displayed here, access the same pages that are available in the Student Explore module.  To see more detailed information regarding the content on those pages, select the XCampus Student Explore item from the top menu navigation.