Student Enroll

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Take your XCampus Student experience to the next level with the Student Enroll module.  With the Student Enroll Module, students can perform all of their time sensitive enrollment activities from their mobile device.  The easy to use shopping cart provides students with the online shopping experience they are accustomed to.  The built-in course catalog shows detailed class information, including real-time class status and seat availability, which enables students to make more informed enrollment decisions.

In addition to shopping and enrolling in classes, students can also manage their existing enrollment using the Drop and Swap features.  The Drop and Swap features are simple to use and students can drop and swap classes within seconds.

All XCampus enroll, drop, and swap requests call the delivered PeopleSoft enrollment engine.  As a result, XCampus is able to execute the same business logic that would be executed from within PeopleSoft.  Executing the same business logic allows XCampus to deliver enrollment results and messaging that is consistent with the PeopleSoft’s online experience.

Registration Zone

XCampus Stduent Enroll

When the Student Enroll module is activated, a Registration Zone will appear in the Student Portal that was delivered with the Student Explore module.  The Registration Zone displays the shopping carts available to a student based on the career-terms they are active in.  Each shopping cart displayed on the Student Portal includes summary information regarding the number of classes in a cart.

Selecting a cart from the Student Portal takes the student into that cart, where they can add and remove classes, and submit enrollment requests.  Classes can be selected by browsing the course catalog or by entering the class number if it is known. All class information displayed in a shopping cart is based on real-time data, so a student always knows the status of a class, as well as the number of seats available.  Having real-time class availability information improves a student’s chance of getting the courses they need.

Shopping Cart

Shopping Cart

The Shopping Cart feature included with the Student Enroll module provides a modern shopping cart experience that is intuitive and simple to use. To add classes to a cart, a student can either browse the course catalog or enter a class number directly if they know it.  If a student elects to browse the course catalog, they can add a class to their cart from the enrollment details page if the class is available. If the class is not available, the add to cart button is disabled, and the student is provided with a reason why the class ins’t available.  Providing the reason a class isn’t available enables a student to either take action or quickly move on to another class.

Dropping Classes

In addition to shopping and enrolling in classes, the Student Enroll module also provides students with the ability submit drop requests for individual or multiple classes.  As with enrollment requests, drop requests are time sensitive and not being able to perform a drop in a timely manner can have both financial and academic ramifications.  The Student Enroll module enables a student to make these important drop request wherever they are, reducing the chance of missing a deadline that could have negative consequences.

Drop Class

XCampus Student Enroll

Swapping a Class

The ability to swap a class instead of performing individual drop and enroll requests is important in preventing fees that can be associated with drop requests.  The Swap feature included in the XCampus Student Enroll module allows students to quickly add and drop classes simultaneously, thereby avoiding potential fees.  Pressing the Swap Class button from the My Classes page initiates the swap process.  Students can select a new class from either the course catalog, a shopping cart item, or by entering the class number directly if they know it.

Swap Class - Part 1

Once a student completes their class selection they can submit their swap request and see their results within seconds.  Because the XCampus swap feature calls the same business logic as PeopleSoft, the messages returned to the user on the Swap Request Results page are consistent with the response they would receive in PeopleSoft.

Swap Class - Part 2

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